NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.

The Cleanliness Evaluation Test laboratory is in a clean room with complete Millipore apparatus and particle counter, along with precision weighing scale, Ultrasonic bath etc. for evaluating the cleanliness of the parts/components (before and after cleaning).


NGCT Cleansys has invested in creating a technology centre. Customers can bring in their parts/components and experience the cleaning process with us using different processes in our machines and then also check the cleanliness values in our laboratory. This helps the customer to decide on the optimal process and configuration of the cleaning machine required to meet their specific requirement.

​We have Aqueous machine as well as Vacuum Assisted Solvent based machine for conducting trials.
The machines have configurable process & parameter options. This allows us to try out various combinations as needed to find out optimal combination to achieve the best results.
Hybrid cleaning (using Water & Solvent) can also be simulated.