NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.

Combined (Hybrid) cleaning systems for maximum flexibility
Ingenious process technology makes it possible to combine aqueous and solvent-based cleaning stages for the first time within a single treatment chamber. The user can combine aqueous and solvent-based cleaning stages as he wishes. This makes the systems real all-rounders equally suitable for degreasing, cleaning, drying and preserving.

Users profit in more ways than one from this innovative technology. A combined system means that it is not necessary to invest in two separate systems for aqueous and solvent-based cleaning. The combined system is a winner thanks to an unprecedented level of flexibility in terms of the range of parts that can be cleaned.


There are basically two types:

  • SOLVACS (SOLvent VACuum System) Hösel Systems
  • VAIOCS (Vacuum Assisted Inorganic Organic Cleaning Systems) EMO systems​

These are compact automatic cleaning system where all the processes completely take place under vacuum.

They combine several cleaning methods for an optimum cleaning result. The first step is flooding/immersion cleaning with solvent from first solvent tank (optionally supported by ultrasonic), to remove most of the contamination. Removal of particles from the work piece surfaces is improved by means of circulation flooding. Further residual contamination is removed by vapour degreasing. Finally the components are dried by means of vacuum. In operation condition for best drying effect the central work chamber can be permanently heated from outside. The evaporator heats the solvent tanks by means of solvent vapours. During the cleaning and drying process the work pieces can be rotated or oscillated, for further improvement of the result.

These systems offer the following features depending on your requirement and application:

  • Operation of the complete solvent processing in the system is under vacuum (< 100 mbar). This offers the possibility to work during both flood washing and vapour degreasing above the flash point of the solvent.
  • Outstanding cleaning and drying results even on parts of complex shapes.
  • Cleaning/drying normally independent from material of parts to be cleaned
  • Easy operation of the system, because of fully automatic processes.
  • All process steps are visualized on the screen of the operator panel pictorially.
  • Machine suitable both for the use of nonchlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and for modified alcohols
  • Integrated continuous distillation of solvent.
  • Little space requirement due to compact machine design
  • Heating of the central work chamber by means of solvent vapour, for improved cleaning quality and more effective drying, including heat recovery and extended distillation capacity. This feature is provided optionally.
  • Indirect electrical heating of the solvent by means of hot water
  • Insulation of all tank for reduced heat losses and energy saving
  • Circulation flooding, alternatively spraying with solvent
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning - Use of ultrasonic to improve cleaning and circulation flooding (Optional).

Single Stage Triple-filtration system

  1. Sieve in working chamber drain
  2. Chip filter for pump protection (250 micron)
  3. Fine filter bag (25 micron) in SS housing


  • Safety control of solvent-flashpoint and vacuum by means of hardware and software
  • Complete draining and drying of the filters before changing of filter inserts, for safety and reduction of solvent emission.
  • Built in refrigeration unit for cooling below 0°C with no formation of ice at the condenser surface, and no defrosting required.
  • Condensers and all solvent pipework made of stainless steel.
  • Vapor degreasing without reduction of vacuum
  • Automatic drag-out of discharge water and low boiling substances from the solvent.
  • Additional condenser after vacuum pump for reduction of the solvent emission.
  • Integrated floor tray with level sensor