• Single-chamber Multi-process
  • Main Flood Tank-1 with fine filtration & pump
  • Main solvent distillation plant in-built
  • Cooling system in-built (fan cooled up to < 38°C)
  • Coarse & fine filtration
  • Water Separator
  • Parts Rotation/Tilting mechanism
  • Process Simulation on HMI
  • Integrated SS Bottom Tray with Leak Sensor

​​Vacuum Assisted Solvent based Cleaning/Degreasing Systems.

These are closed loop vacuum assisted solvent systems. The entire system process works under vacuum. This ensures safe use, negligible loss of solvent and is environment friendly compared to an open type solvent based cleaning/degreasing system.

Hydrocarbon/Modified Alcohol/Chlorinated solvents can be safely used since the system is completely under vacuum. 
These are replacement for Trichloroethylene (TCE) open vapour degreasing type systems which are not environment friendly.

Hybrid Systems: Combined processes using Solvents and Water in the same machine under Vacuum.

International Quality: These Solvent Based & Hybrid machines are built by NGCT Cleansys in India in partnership with our German equity partners Hösel GmbH and EMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH.

Systems Features:


Top loaders


  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Additional Floodtank-2(or more) for fine cleaning or conservation
  • Additional Distillation for auto separation of waste oil & drag out
  • Auto basket loader with Power Conveyor
  • Auto basket clamping inside the work chamber
  • Conservation process for sensitive ferrous parts
  • Activated carbon filter for exhaust air and regeneration of CHC
  • Solvent vapour concentration measurement in work chamber
  • Tele Service

Inline Pass-through Machines

For big load sizes

Cleaning of long tubes (up to 40 meters)

Cleaning in Aerospace Industries

NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.

For more information on Vacuum Assisted Solvent based systems 

Cleaning before and after HEAT Treatment - Can be integarted with the Heat Treatment line so that same charge can be used

Types of Machines:

Standard SOLVACS & VAIOCS (Single Chamber)

Hybrid & Multi Chamber machines (Solvent + Water)