NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.

We offer the following range of Aqueous based and Solvent based products:


  • AquaWashSeries:  These are simple Single Chamber Multi Process systems
  • PowerClean Series: These are like the Aquawash Series but with more options for better cleaning and higher                                           productivity
  • MultiLine Series: These are Multi Chamber Multi Process systems
  • TunnelWash Series: Inline continuous type conveyor based multi process systems


  • Vacuum Assisted Solvent Systems: These are Vacuum Assisted Solvent based Environment Friendly Cleaning/Degreasing Systems where all the processes take place under vacuum with negligible solvent loss, compact and better degreasing quality than aqueous systemsType your paragraph here.


We manufacture a comprehensive range of Industrial Parts Cleaning & Degreasing Machines for metal components and various other applications. We understand the requirements of our customers needs in terms of application, type, geometry of components/parts, contamination type, Millipore values, productivity etc. and then offer end-to-end customized solutions and machines to suit their exact requirements.