NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.


The factory of NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd. is located at Plot E-60/61, Rajangaon MIDC which is about 55 kms from Pune towards Ahmednagar.

  • Two factory sheds built on a plot of 22,000 sq. feet.
  • Electrical power connection of more than 150 HP.
  • In-house quality machinery, equipments, tools, instruments etc. needed for assembling, precision measurements, testing, quality assurance etc.
  • 6 Ton overhead EOT crane.
  • 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designing packages. All designs, drawings and Bills of Material are generated using these packages so that data will be retained and can be retrieved at anytime.
  • Well-equipped supplier and vendor network for Laser cutting, Power Shearing, CNC Power Press, Plasma Cutting, TIG / Pulse Welding, Material Testing, CNC Machining, Panel Wiring, etc.
  • Technology Center With the complete Millipore apparatus &  for evaluating cleanliness, along with cleaning machines (Aqueous & Solvent) for conducting trials.