NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd.

NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd. designs and manufactures standard and customized precision Cleaning and Degreasing Machines for industrial parts.
Customers in India have become extremely conscious and demanding on the stringent cleaning requirements (cleanliness values) of the components they produce. Foreign based companies (MNCs) in India are demanding from their suppliers/vendors parts that meet the highest cleanliness standard. This is resulting in cleaning equipments becoming more elaborate and complex to achieve these stringent results. Further, because of the various requirements of fulfilment of quality audits of end customers, it is becoming mandatory for any manufacturing organization to check and keep record of cleanliness values. Hence, cleaning by itself is becoming a critical area of evaluation of the product.

The strength of NGCT Cleansys comes from the experience of the promoters in providing solutions to customers and building sophisticated cleaning systems to achieve challenging cleanliness results.

In addition, the technology and equity partnership with German partners, gives us the added knowledge and support needed for providing the latest and cutting-edge solutions in cleaning systems to our customers.


  • ​Incorporated on 1st June 2010.
  • Promoters experienced in providing  customized cleaning solutions for over 25 years
  • July 2010 - Entered into an agreement for Sales & Service of equipments with Cleaning experts from Germany, Hӧsel GmbH, EMO Oberflӓchentechnik GmbH and LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH
  • Nov 2011- Hösel GmbH and EMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH of Germany become equity partners by investing in NGCT. They are experts in Solvent based industrial component cleaning business.
  • Apr 2012 – Became member of Surface Alliance (The cleaning system competence network for industrial parts cleaning). http://www.surfacealliance.de/
  • May 2013 - DUNS Number : 85-977-9475
  • Jan 2015 - LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH of Germany invests in NGCT. LPW is expert in water based industrial component cleaning business.
  • Feb 2017 - Got PILZ safety certification for MultiLine - 4C Series machine.